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Configure Network Settings

Network settings define the networks connected to the Firebox, and determine how the Firebox routes traffic between connected networks. The network configuration on the Firebox includes network interface settings, as well as the configuration settings for wireless access points, network address translation, routing, VPNs, and FireCluster.

For more information, see:

Configure Network Interface Settings

Learn how to configure settings for physical and virtual network interfaces on the Firebox.

Firebox M440

Network Interface Settings

Configure Network Address Translation (NAT)

Learn about the types of Network Address Translation and how to configure them on your Firebox.

NAT (Network Address Translation)

Configure Routing

Learn how to configure static and dynamic routing, and how to read the Firebox route tables.

Routes and Routing

Set Up a Wireless Firebox

Learn how to configure wireless settings on a WatchGuard Firebox wireless device.

Firebox T50

Set Up A Wireless Firebox

Set Up a WatchGuard AP Device

Learn how to set up WatchGuard AP devices and add wireless connectivity to your Firebox network.

WatchGuard AP Device

Set Up A WatchGuard AP Device

Manual Branch Office VPN Tunnels

Learn how to configure VPN connections between two Fireboxes, or between a Firebox and a third-party IPSec VPN gateway.

Manual Branch Office VPN Tunnels

Mobile VPN Tunnels

Learn how to set up Mobile VPN tunnels to enable your users to securely connect to your network resources from a remote location.

Mobile VPN Tunnels


Learn how to configure two Fireboxes of the same model as a cluster for redundancy and scalability.

FireCluster with Firebox M300s


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