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Quick Start — Set Up a VPN Between Two Fireboxes

A branch office virtual private network (BOVPN) tunnel is a secure way for networks, or for a host and a network, to exchange data across the Internet. This topic summarizes the steps required to set up a BOVPN tunnel between two Fireboxes that run Fireware v11.x.

This topic does not provide descriptions for the settings in the BOVPN dialog boxes and the effects they can have on the tunnel that is built. For more detailed information about branch office VPN settings, see:

The procedures in this topic describe how to set up a branch office VPN between two devices at Site A and Site B, when both devices have static external IP addresses. For information about how to set up a BOVPN gateway to a device that uses a dynamic external IP address, see Define Gateway Endpoints for a BOVPN Gateway.

Quick Start with Fireware Web UI

Quick Start with Policy Manager

After you complete and save the VPN configuration on both devices, the devices automatically negotiate the tunnel. If the devices cannot establish the tunnel, examine the log files on both Fireboxes for the time period you tried to start the tunnel. You should see log messages that show where the failure occurred and which settings could be part of the problem. You can also check the log messages in real time with Firebox System Manager.

For more information about how to troubleshoot a branch office VPN tunnel, see Monitor and Troubleshoot BOVPN Tunnels.

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