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Configure VPN Routes

For a BOVPN virtual interface, the Firebox uses the routing table to determine whether to send traffic through the VPN tunnel. For a BOVPN virtual interface, you do not explicitly configure the local and remote addresses for each tunnel route. Instead, for each BOVPN virtual interface, you can configure static routes that use this BOVPN virtual interface as a gateway. For each route, you specify a destination and a metric. Static routes that you add to this list also appear in the static routes list for the device.

IPv6 BOVPN virtual interface routes are 6in4 tunnel routes that use a GRE tunnel within the IPSec BOVPN tunnel. You can use an IPv6 BOVPN virtual interface route to send traffic between two IPv6 networks through an IPv4 BOVPN virtual interface tunnel. You cannot configure a BOVPN virtual interface route for traffic between an IPv4 network and an IPv6 network.

In Fireware Web UI, the static and dynamic routes for a BOVPN virtual interface appear in the route table. To see the routes, select System Status > Routes.

In Firebox System Manager, VPN routes you add appear in the IPv4 Routes section of the Status Report. Static and dynamic BOVPN virtual interface routes also appear in Firebox System Manager and WatchGuard System Manager. In the FSM Front Panel tab, when you expand the BOVPN virtual interface, the routes for that interface appear in the Route to section.

By default, the Firebox does not remove the static routes from the route table if the VPN is down. You can change this setting in the global VPN settings. For more information, see About Global VPN Settings.

Add VPN Routes

Before you can add VPN routes, you must add or edit a BOVPN virtual interface. For more information, see Configure a BOVPN Virtual Interface.

On the VPN Routes tab, you can also add BOVPN virtual interface IP addresses. These are required if you want to configure dynamic routing to use the BOVPN virtual interface. For more information, see Configure BOVPN Virtual Interface IP Addresses.

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