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Configure a Replacement (RMA) Firebox

If your Firebox hardware fails during the warranty period, WatchGuard might replace it with an RMA (Return Merchandise Agreement) unit of the same model. When you exchange a Firebox for an RMA replacement, WatchGuard Customer Care transfers the licenses from the original device serial number to the new device serial number. All the features that were licensed to the original device are transferred to the replacement device.

For information about how to configure a replacement Firebox that is a member of a FireCluster, see Configure a Replacement (RMA) FireCluster Member.

Save the Configuration from the Original Firebox to a File

The first thing you must do is locate a saved configuration file from your original Firebox. By default, Policy Manager saves the configuration file to the My Documents\My WatchGuard\configs directory.

For instructions to use Policy Manager to save the configuration to a local file, see Save the Configuration File.

Use the Configuration File to Configure the Replacement Firebox

Use one of these methods to use the configuration file from the original Firebox to configure the replacement Firebox.

Use RapidDeploy

To use RapidDeploy to automatically configure the replacement Firebox with the configuration from the original Firebox, you upload the saved configuration file from the original Firebox as the RapidDeploy configuration file for the replacement Firebox. When you power on the replacement Firebox, it automatically downloads the RapidDeploy configuration file and the device feature key from WatchGuard. For more information, see Configure an RMA Replacement with RapidDeploy from the Website.

You can also use RapidDeploy from the Management Server to configure your replacement Firebox. For more information, see Configure an RMA Replacement with RapidDeploy from the Management Server.

Manually Update and Save the Configuration

You can also use Policy Manager to manually update the feature key and configuration in the configuration file from the original Firebox, and then save it to the replacement Firebox. This procedure is the same for devices configured for centralized management with a WSM Management Server. For more information, see Move a Configuration to a New Firebox.

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