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Configure Fireware OS Compatibility

Some features are supported only in Fireware v11.9 or higher, or operate very differently in Fireware v11.9 than in previous versions. Because Policy Manager can manage devices that use different versions of Fireware OS, you must select the Fireware OS version the device uses before you configure some features.

To configure OS compatibility:

  1. Select Setup > OS Compatibility.
    The OS Compatibility dialog box appears.

  1. From the For Fireware XTM version drop-down list, select the OS version that the Firebox uses.
  2. Click OK.

If you have not yet configured the OS compatibility setting, and attempt to configure a feature that requires a specific Fireware version, the OS Compatibility dialog box appears automatically. You must select the Fireware version before you can configure the feature.

For more information about features changed or added in each OS version, see the product Release Notes available with your Fireware OS software download.

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