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Save a Firebox Backup Image

An backup image is an encrypted and saved copy of the disk image from the Firebox local memory. A Firebox backup image includes:

  • Fireware OS
  • Configuration file
  • Certificates
  • Feature keys

You can save a backup image to your computer, to a directory on your network, or to other connected storage device. The backup image is unique to each device and includes the serial number, certificates, and private keys unique to that device.

We recommend that you regularly save a backup image of your Firebox. We especially recommend you do this before you make significant changes to your configuration file, or before you upgrade the version of Fireware OS on your Firebox.

If the memory utilization on your Firebox is high, you might have to restart the Firebox to clear the temporary memory before you can save a backup image.

To use the Web UI to restore the backup image to a FireCluster, you must have a unique backup image for each device, and you must restore the backup master first. For more information, see Use the Web UI with a FireCluster.

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