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Restore a Firebox Backup Image

You can use Policy Manager or Fireware Web UI to restore a previously created backup image to your Firebox. You can only restore a backup image that came from the same device.

If your Firebox is under Centralized Management in Fully Managed mode, you must open Policy Manager for your device from your Management Server to restore a backup image to your device. For more information about how to update the configuration of a Fully Managed device, see Update the Configuration For a Fully Managed Device.

Do not try to restore a backup image created from a different Firebox. Each backup image is unique to a single device; it includes the serial number, certificates, and private keys for that device.

To restore a backup image for a FireCluster we recommend that you use Policy Manager. For more information, see Restore a FireCluster Backup Image.

To use the Web UI to restore the backup image to a FireCluster, you must have a unique backup image for each device, and you must restore the backup master first. For more information, see Use the Web UI with a FireCluster.

After the backup image is successfully restored, the device must reboot.

If you cannot successfully restore your Firebox backup image, you can reset the device.

For more information, see Reset a Firebox.

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