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Configure VASCO Server Authentication

VASCO server authentication uses the IDENTIKEY Authentication Server (IAS) to authenticate remote users on a company network through a RADIUS or web server environment. VASCO also supports multiple authentication server environments. The VASCO one-time password token system enables you to eliminate the weakest link in your security infrastructure—the use of static passwords.

To use VASCO server authentication with your Firebox, you must:

  • Add the IP address of the Firebox to the VASCO IDENTIKEY Authentication Server configuration, as described in the documentation from your VASCO vendor.
  • Enable and specify the VASCO IDENTIKEY Authentication Server in your Firebox configuration.
  • Add user names or group names to your policies.

To configure VASCO server authentication, use the RADIUS server settings. The Authentication Servers dialog box does not have a separate tab for VASCO servers.

VASCO is a WatchGuard Technology Partner. For a VASCO IDENTIKEY Authentication Server integration guide, see the Technology Partners page, at

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