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Firebox® X Edge Datasheet

Model Name Firebox® X5/X5w Firebox® X15/X15w Firebox® X50/X50w
Recommended For Telecommuters who require central office VPN connectivity with separate work/home networks. Up to 17 users. For remote offices/small businesses that require branch office VPN endpoint connectivity to a central office running a Firebox X. Up to 30 users. Remote offices/small businesses that need fully integrated protection, intuitive local and remote management, and WAN failover for ISP redundancy.
SKU WG40005 / WG40060 WF40015 / WG40070 WG40050 / WG40080
Users 12 (17 with upgrade) Up to 30 Unrestricted
Model Upgradeable X X N/A
Feature Upgradeable X X X
Service Upgradeable X X X

Technical Specifications Firebox® X5/X5w Firebox® X15/X15w Firebox® X50/X50w
Stateful Packet Filter Throughput
80 95 110
VPN Throughput
35 35 35
Branch Office VPNs 2 15 25
Mobile User VPNs
1/11 5/25 5/55
Concurrent Sessions 6,000 8,000 10,000
Interfaces 10
Serial Port X
Processor(s) 266 MHz
Memory 64 MB DRAM; 16 MB Flash disk
Power 100-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
Wireless Network 802.11b/g (wireless models only)
Dimensions 8.75" W x 1.4" H x 5.5" D
(measured without antennas)

Management Firebox® X5/X5w Firebox® X15/X15w Firebox® X50/X50w
Local & Remote Secure Management Via HTTP, HTTPS or IPSec-encrypted connection
Browser Support Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher; Netscape 7.1 and higher
Centralized Management With the purchase of a Firebox X700, X1000 or X2500 you have the capability to manage up to 4 devices via WatchGuard System Manager
Local & Remote Logging Local: Syslog
Remote (via WSM): Secure encrypted
Real-time User/Host Monitoring & Historical Reporting With WatchGuard System Manager

Firewall Capabilities Firebox® X5/X5w Firebox® X15/X15w Firebox® X50/X50w
Dynamic Stateful Firewall With static ports and application-specific security policies for easy setup and configuration.
Application Specific Security Policies SMTP, FTP, NNTP, ICQ, RealAudio/Video, NetMeeting, Intel Video Phone
Dynamic IP Addressing DHCP; PPPoE
Spoofing Detection X
Site Blocking X
Port Blocking X
Security Proxies SOCKS V.5
User Authentication X
Wireless Security IPSec VPN; WPA; WEP, MAC Address filtering
Wireless Security Capabilities
(for X5w, X15w, X50w models)
Wireless Equivalency Protocol (WEP)
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
MAC Address filtering
IPSec Mobile User VPN (for an added level of security and authentication across the Wi-Fi interface)
Dynamic Network Address Translation
Port-to-internal address mapping
Dynamic DNS Included

Security Services Firebox® X5/X5w Firebox® X15/X15w Firebox® X50/X50w
Web Content Filtering WatchGuard WebBlocker (Powered by SurfControl): presents 40 Web site content-filtering categories that lower Web surfing to objectionable sites and increase employee productivity.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Firebox® X5/X5w Firebox® X15/X15w Firebox® X50/X50w
Branch Office VPN IPSec
Technical Specifications MD5-HMAC authentication algorithm
SHA1-HMAC authentication algorithm
DES-CBC 56-bit encryption
3DES-CBC 168-bit encryption
Internet Key Exchange (IKE)
Mobile User VPN PPTP pass-through; IPSec pass-through (ability to terminate IPSec VPN tunnels to the external interface of the Edge and on internal networks)
LiveSecurity® Service Out of the box, every WatchGuard security appliance and server security product is backed by our industry-leading LiveSecurity Service, simply the most comprehensive bundled support offering in the industry.