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Signature Version: 4.1058
Signature IDNameCategoryThreat LevelIncluded In
1054265EXPLOIT Oracle Secure Backup Administration objectname Variable Command Injection (CVE-2010-0906)Access ControlHighFull
1054430WEB HP OpenView Network Node Manager jovgraph.exe displayWidth Buffer Overflow -1 (CVE-2011-0261)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1054471EXPLOIT HP OpenView Network nnmRptConfig.exe nameParams text1 Buffer Overflow (CVE-2011-0268)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1054476EXPLOIT HP OpenView NNM schdParams and nameParams buffer overflow (CVE-2011-0267)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1055061WEB Oracle Secure Backup Administration Server validate_login Command Injection -1 (CVE-2011-2261)Web AttacksHighFull
1055155WEB Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway NULL Session Cookie Denial of Service (CVE-2011-2012)Web AttacksHighFull
1055157WEB Symantec IM Manager Web Interface ProcessAction Code Execution (CVE-2011-0554)Web AttacksHighFull
1055535WEB Novell iManager Create Attribute EnteredAttrName Buffer Overflow -1.a (CVE-2011-4188)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1110064WEB Apache HTTP Server mod_proxy_ftp Wildcard Characters Cross-Site Scripting (CVE-2008-2939)Web AttacksHighFull
1111269EXPLOIT Novell GroupWise Messenger HTTP response handling stack overflow (CVE-2008-2703)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1112378NETBIOS Microsoft Windows SMB Client Message Size Vulnerability (CVE-2010-0477)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1133932IEC/ICCP ICS Schneider Electric U.motion Builder track_import_export.php SQL Injection - 1.2 (CVE-2017-7973)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1133933IEC/ICCP ICS Schneider Electric U.motion Builder track_import_export.php SQL Injection - 1.3 (CVE-2017-7973)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1133934IEC/ICCP ICS Schneider Electric U.motion Builder localize.php SQL Injection (CVE-2017-7973)Buffer OverflowHighFull
1052003EXPLOIT Veritas Backup Exec Agent CONNECT_CLIENT_AUTH Buffer Overflow -2 (CVE-2005-0773)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1051094EXPLOIT ISS ICQ parsing vulnerability (CVE-2004-0362)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1051995IMAP Ipswitch Imail IMAP Server LOGIN Stack Overflow (CVE-2005-1255)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1050702EXPLOIT Cyrus IMSPD Remote Root OverflowBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1051231DB Firebird Database Remote Database Name Overflow (CVE-2004-2043)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1057968WEB URI Handler Buffer Overflow - MKCOLBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1057969WEB URI Handler Buffer Overflow - SEARCHBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1057970WEB URI Handler Buffer Overflow - UNLOCKBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1057971WEB URI Handler Buffer Overflow - LOCKBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1049954WEB Apache Mod SSLVirus/WormCriticalFull
1050336SMTP Sendmail Header Processing Buffer OverflowBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1051674WEB Local File Inclusion win.ini -2Access ControlCriticalFull
1050352TELNET Multiple Vendor System V Derived login Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (CVE-2001-0797)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1050107WEB http-php_strings_exploit-portal-tf8Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1050128WEB http-php_strings_exploit-atstakeAccess ControlCriticalFull
1048753DNS Multiple Vendor BIND (NXT Overflow and Denial of Service) Vulnerabilities (CVE-1999-0833)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1048756DNS BIND Multiple VulnerabilitiesBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1050106WEB active-BackOrifice1-web (CVE-1999-0660)Backdoor/TrojanCriticalFull
1050109FTP active-BackConstruction 2.1 ftp open reply (CVE-1999-0660)Backdoor/TrojanCriticalFull
1050135RPC Solaris sadmind Disabled Authentication Vulnerability (CVE-1999-0977)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1050337RPC Solaris sadmind Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (CVE-1999-0977)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1051158WEB Microsoft IIS 5 SSL remote root exploitBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1054348DOS IIS4 Exair DOS -2 (CVE-1999-0449)Dos/DDoSCriticalFull
1054349DOS IIS4 Exair DOS -3 (CVE-1999-0449)Dos/DDoSCriticalFull
1056245VULN HTTP Connect Header buffer overflowBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1051195RPC Windows Lsasrv.dll RPC Overflow (Sasser)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1051196RPC Windows Lsasrv.dll RPC Overflow Unicode (Sasser)Buffer OverflowCriticalFull
1054925WEB SQL injection or attempt -1Web AttacksCriticalFull
1056155WEB SQL injection select from attempt -4Web AttacksCriticalFull
1049196SHELLCODE Linux /bin/shBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1051092EXPLOIT eSignal v7.6 remote buffer overflowBuffer OverflowCriticalFull
1110766EXPLOIT Generic HTML Threat -6MiscCriticalFull
1051722WEB-CLIENT Generic Javascript Obfuscation -2MiscCriticalFull
1054210Botnet RBL ViolationBotNetHighFull
1056685Malicious URL in HTTP RequestBotNetHighFull
1057895BGP Border Gateway Protocol AnomalyMiscHighFull

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