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Signature Version: 4.746
Signature IDNameCategoryThreat Level
1055039IP MAC Binding ViolationDoS/DDoSHigh
1056247SHELLCODE NOP SledAccess ControlHigh
1056951TCP Out Of WindowMiscellaneousMedium
1056952TCP Paws EliminationMiscellaneousHigh
1057269RDP Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Server Denial of Service (CVE-2012-0152)DoS/DDoSHigh
1120847WEB Cross-Site Scripting -7Web AttacksHigh
1120703EXPLOIT ftp_buffer_overflow exploit via TCPBuffer OverflowHigh
1112568POP3 Microsoft Windows Mail and Outlook Express Integer Overflow -1 (CVE-2010-0816)Buffer OverflowHigh
1112613FILE Sun Microsystems Java GIF file handling memory corruption -1Access ControlHigh
1112621EXPLOIT Symantec Norton AntiVirus Stack exhaustion -1Access ControlHigh
1112633WEB Directory Traversal -2Web AttacksCritical
1112649EXPLOIT HP OpenView NNM getnnmdata.exe CGI MaxAge Parameter buffer overflow -1Buffer OverflowHigh
1112608EXPLOIT CVS Argumentx Command Double Free vulnerability exploit -1Access ControlHigh
1112536EXPLOIT CA ARCserve Backup DB Engine denial of service exploit -1Access ControlHigh
1112533EXPLOIT CVS Max-dotdot Protocol Command integer overflow -1Buffer OverflowHigh
1112451IMAP Kerio MailServer IMAP LOGIN denial of serviceDoS/DDoSHigh
1112362VULN Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services code execution -1Access ControlHigh
1112340EXPLOIT GNU Radius SQL Accounting Format String Vulnerability (CVE-2006-4181)Access ControlHigh
1112329EXPLOIT Oracle Java Font Processing Memory Corruption (CVE-2013-1491)Buffer OverflowHigh
1112304DB Sybase SQL Anywhere MobiLink Crafted Strings Buffer Overflow (BID-27914)Buffer OverflowHigh
1112268DB MySQL COM_TABLE_DUMP Function Stack overflow -1Buffer OverflowHigh
1112209POP3 Service PASS Command Buffer OverflowBuffer OverflowCritical
1112187IMAP Ipswitch IMail IMAP Service DELETE Command buffer overflow -1Buffer OverflowHigh
1112184EXPLOIT Generic HTML Threat -13Web AttacksCritical
1112160EXPLOIT HP OpenView Storage Data Protector Stack Buffer Overflow -6 (CVE-2011-1865)Buffer OverflowHigh
1112153WEB HP OpenView Network Node Manager Ovlaunch HTTP Request Buffer Overflow (CVE-2008-4562)Buffer OverflowHigh
1112122EXPLOIT CA License Software GCR buffer overflow -2Buffer OverflowHigh
1112121EXPLOIT CA License Software GCR buffer overflow -1Buffer OverflowHigh
1112097DNS Symantec DNS response DOS -1DoS/DDoSHigh
1112063LDAP OpenLDAP ber_get_next BER Decoding Denial of Service (CVE-2008-2952)DoS/DDoSHigh
1112054DOS MIT Kerberos KDC Authentication Denial of Service (CVE-2010-0283)DoS/DDoSHigh
1112048DOS Microsoft SMS Remote control service DOSDoS/DDoSHigh
1112031DNS ISC BIND 9 Dynamic Update Request Denial of Service (CVE-2009-0696)DoS/DDoSHigh
1112025DOS IBM director agent DOS -4DoS/DDoSHigh
1112015RADIUS FreeRADIUS RADIUS Server rad_decode Remote Denial of Service -1 (CVE-2009-3111)DoS/DDoSHigh
1112008SIP Digium Asterisk Multiple Products IAX2 Handshake Denial of Service (CVE-2008-1897)DoS/DDoSHigh
1112006SIP Digium Asterisk IAX2 Call Number Denial Of Service -2 (CVE-2009-2346)DoS/DDoSHigh
1111401DOS Oracle Secure Backup NDMP Packet Handling Multiple Denial of Service -2 (CVE-2008-5441)DoS/DDoSHigh
1111392LDAP Oracle Internet Directory Pre-Authentication LDAP Denial of Service (CVE-2008-2595)DoS/DDoSHigh
1111388WEB Oracle DBMS_METADATA Package SQL injection -1Access ControlHigh
1111355DB Oracle Database Server Crafted View privilege escalationMiscellaneousHigh
1111352DB Oracle Database InterMedia Denial of ServiceDoS/DDoSHigh
1111351DB Oracle Database DBMS_SNAP_INTERNAL Package buffer overflowBuffer OverflowHigh
1111350DB Oracle Database DBMS_Scheduler privilege escalationMiscellaneousHigh
1111349DB Oracle Database dbms_assert Filter bypass vulnerabilityAccess ControlHigh
1111348DB Oracle Database DBMS_AQADM_SYS Package GRANT_TYPE_ACCESS procedure SQL injection -1Access ControlHigh
1111340EXPLOIT Oracle BEA WebLogic Server Plug-ins Certificate buffer overflow (CVE-2009-1016)Buffer OverflowHigh
1111333WEB Oracle Application Server Portal cross site scriptingWeb AttacksHigh
1111330EXPLOIT Oracle Application Server 10g OPMN Service Format String Vulnerability (CVE-2009-0993)Access ControlHigh
1111320SSH OpenSSH sshd Identical Blocks denial of service -2 (CVE-2006-4924)MiscellaneousHigh

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